Load and Swap on the go: the WeSwap app

Our latest update to the WeSwap app means you can now load and swap currency on the move, wherever you happen to be.

8 June 2016

WeSwap Update October 2013

Since we opened our doors to our first customers in July you may have noticed that we've been keeping our hands busy and our mouths shut, blog wise. Instead we've been beavering away on a whole host of updates to make WeSwap slicker, speedier and more useful to our travellers. Here's what we've been getting up...

8 June 2016

WeSwap Selected for STARTglobal at Dublin Web Summit 2013

Using technology to make people’s lives that little bit easier is pretty much at the heart of everything we do here at WeSwap, which is why we’re absolutely thrilled to have been selected to participate in this year’s STARTglobal programme at the most anticipated tech event of the year, Dublin Web Summit.

8 June 2016

WeSwap: The journey to the starting-line

Last Tuesday was a big day for WeSwap: our investors, team and early Alpha users had been swapping currency and enjoying their cards for some time, but on Tuesday we officially invited the wider world to sign up and join us. There’s still a lot to be done - the experience we’re launching today will...

8 June 2016

Social Currency

Social Currency. What do we mean by that? Well, it means different things to different people, and that’s definitely part of its attraction.

9 April 2012
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