Picture the scene.

You’re on holiday; maybe in a restaurant; at an ATM; renting a pedalo. You pull out your WeSwap card to pay but disaster strikes: it’s been declined. You’re embarrassed. A crowd is forming. You panic and run into the sea and wait there until everyone who saw goes home.

Kept awake by this exact scenario? Maybe just one slightly similar? Well worry no more. Just take note of these 5 easy tips to avoid your WeSwap card being declined.

1. Always get charged in the local currency

If an ATM or card machine asks if you’d like to pay in the local currency or convert, always choose the local currency. Because of how the WeSwap digital wallets work, choosing to convert can cause your card to be declined. Find out more about that here.

2. Keep an eye on your balance

It goes without saying but a prepaid travel card needs to be, well, prepaid. So make sure you load your WeSwap card before you jet off or whenever funds are low. You can check your balance and load easily using the app. Make sure to consider any pending transactions, too.

Also, avoid using your card for deposits. More on that here.

3. Know your limits

Contactless transaction limits, we mean. You can only spend up to £30 (or the equivalent in another currency) using contactless and every 5 transactions you’ll need to use Chip and PIN. Also, remember you need to use Chip and PIN once to activate your card’s contactless feature.

4. Know your PIN, too

Seems obvious, but a lot of card declines come down to this. We can text you your PIN from the app. Find out how here.

5. Check the expiry date

Again, seems obvious, but if you’re busy jet setting you might not have noticed your card had expired. The expiry date is easily visible on your card and if you need to renew it, just log in to the web dashboard and click the ‘renew my card’ banner. Find out more here.

And that’s it. If you’ve done all of these and your card is still being declined, it’s likely an issue with the merchant (the ATM or card machine). You can find out all about that here.

WeSwap and the WeSwap logo are trademarks of WeSwap.com Limited. This card is issued by Monavate Limited, pursuant to licence by Mastercard International. For further information, please visit weswap.com/legal
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